Ryan Seacrest talks ‘life <a href=changing effects’ of healthy eating: ‘Changing everything up’” width=”700″ height=”400″ class=”” src=”https://www.thenews.com.pk/assets/uploads/updates/2023-05-20/1072184_1460120_2_updates.jpg”/>
Ryan Seacrest talks ‘life changing effects’ of healthy eating: ‘Changing everything up’

Ryan Seacrest, American media personality recently wore his heart on his sleeve, and shed some light into his healthy morning routine.

He started the chat by branding the entire experience of ‘sticking to a routine’ as something ‘lifechanging’.

The biggest habit he credits for making this shift ‘easy’ is ‘sticking to the same time zone’.

He was even quoted telling People magazine, “One of the things that I’ve done in the last two months is I’ve slept in the same time zone. I have not done that over a period of two weeks in six years.”

For those unversed, this change can be branded ‘monumental’ considering Seacrest’s prior habit of flying in between New York and California, weekly.

“So just being on the same side of the country for an extended period of time has been life changing,” he admitted.

Another big aspect contributing to this change is getting ‘leisurely mornings in Los Angeles’ because “I don’t have to get out the door quite as fast onto the streets of Manhattan to get to the show in New York. So that’s been a little bit of a change of pace.”

He also added, “I do get up in the morning, put on my UGG slippers and I go grab my coffee beans and I make my coffee.”

Then “I have a shot of olive oil in the morning before my coffee every day” because “I find that that actually helps with weight loss and helps with your inflammation, helps with all the different systems in your body.”

In regards to diet, Seacrest admits he relies on a Mediterranean diet, given its heavy reliance on “vegetables, fish and salad.”

He also added, “It speaks to me because it’s fun. You look forward to it. It’s fresh things, it’s simple cooking. It’s really just eating smart foods — simple — but you like it.”

“I don’t eat a ton of meat,” he also clarified during the course of the interview.

“I eat it if I’m in a great restaurant and there’s something signature and special from the chef, or if I’m traveling and it’s a thing you got to have. I certainly am not that hard on myself, but I try on a normal basis to stick to the Mediterranean diet.”

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