MUSCAT: Al Buraimi has been conferred the prestigious status of a ‘Healthy City’ in the Eastern Mediterranean region by the regional office of the World Health Organization (WHO).

Shaikh Rashid bin Said al Kalbani, Wali of Al Buraimi and Chairman of Al Buraimi Healthy City Committee, stated that the recognition will enable the implementation of the concept of “Health for All” by enhancing equitable access to high-quality healthcare services and creating a conducive environment to adopt a healthy lifestyle for all age groups.

He emphasised the significant achievement of official recognition and the inclusion of Al Buraimi Healthy City among the sustainable global healthy cities by WHO, which supported its establishment and conducted several evaluation visits to the city. This step aims to work hand in hand with the local community to implement all practices of healthy lifestyles among its members.

He praised the ongoing efforts of relevant authorities, institutions and community members in achieving global recognition by WHO in February 2024 through the evaluation of 80 criteria of global standards.

During the preceding period, numerous purposeful initiatives and training programmes have been implemented, including the modern irrigation systems development project in Falaj Al Buraimi and Sa’ara in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Water Resources.

Additionally, initiatives such as the development of water channel interfaces, mobile food carts (kiosks), a driving school, the “Our Home, Our Medic” initiative, and others have been undertaken to help create a conducive environment for adopting a healthy lifestyle, ensuring healthier and more prosperous lives for all age groups.

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